Error: This export definition cannot be saved because the current user does not have rights to one or more of the source query views- when adding a Smart Field to an export definition

When a user attempts to add a Smart Field value to a Constituent Export Definition, they may encounter this error. The user has all of the necessary permissions and system roles yet they still receive this error message.
Users must ensure that they are able to do the following: 
1. Go to Administration, and click on Smart Fields
2. Note the Add button to add a new Smart Field. 
3. If the user is able to see the Add button, then they have the permissions to be able to add a Smart Field value to an export definition and successfully Save and Close the export definition.

If the Smart Field was created by an analyst or consultant using the System administrator account, the Smart Field will need to be recreated using a different username. No Smart Fields created by the Admin account will be able to be used/run in an Export Definition by users. 

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