Did the email send?

After sending emails through Altru, it is important to see if they sent successfully.  This can be useful to see if the email sent, if an email was accidentally sent, or if all the emails did not send.

We created an email and sent it, but we want to confirm that the emails were delivered.
To verify the email sent, use the steps below: 
  1. Go to Administration > Email Services.
  2. Go to the Email Jobs tab.
  3. At the bottom of the page under Email Jobs, see the name of theemail, the status (processing or completed), and the number of emails requested to be sent and actually sent.

Note: This requires the Email Services User or Email Services Administrator system role.

If the email is not listed in the Email Jobs tab: 
  1. Go to the mailing
  2. Under the output, click Send Email.  If this button is not grayed out, it was never clicked.  This is why the email did not send.



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