Duplicate gifts are created from the Luminate Online plug in for The Raiser's Edge

When processing gifts in the RELO plugin users report duplicate gifts sync from Luminate into the plugin. The same gift may come into the plug in several hours or days after the first gift was processed into a batch.

Duplicate gifts can sync in the plugin from a variety of causes including:

  • Editing processed gifts in Raiser's Edge
  • Issues or errors with web services connection or network connection
  • Merging constituent records
  1. Ensure you are on the latest version of the plugin and Blackbaud web services. After upgrading versions navigate back to the RELO plugin and confirm the duplicates have been removed from the plugin.
  2. This issue can be caused when gifts are missing the Luminate Online Gift ID attribute, or missing the value for that attribute which is usually a 4 to 6 digit number (the last 4 to 6 digits of the confirmation code on the gift in Luminate Online). If the Luminate Online Gift ID is missing or later removed from the Raiser's Edge record, it's possible for gifts to download more than once. Ensure that all gifts that are downloaded into RE: Batch from the Luminate Online plugin have this attribute. If they are missing the attribute, verify the correct ID number on the LO gift record (the last 4-6 digits of the confirmation code) and manually add the RE attribute.
  3. Check for duplicate gifts by creating a Raiser's Edge Gift Query with the following criteria: 


     Gift Information > Gift Date between [possible range affected]
     AND Attributes > Specific Attributes > Luminate Online Gift ID > Luminate Online Gift ID Description not blank
     Attributes > Specific Attributes > Luminate Online Gift ID > Luminate Online Gift ID Description


Sort by the same field and view the results to look for any potential duplications. On the gift, go to File > Properties to find the Batch number. Access the batch and note if the Luminate Online Gift ID attribute is missing or incomplete. The duplicated gifts may then be deleted after confirming they are duplicates. Ensure The Raiser's Edge has a current and useable backup before deleting anything from the database.

4. If a constituent record with any history of gifts or registrations was recently merged, users must allow the integration enough time to process the merge and constituent history and update/remove duplicates transactions sent to the plugin. RELO cleans up duplicates when the plugin is loaded or when  "Constituent information" or  "Gifts and registrations"  are closed. If duplicates are found in the plugin, close the application, navigate to another area of the database to allow time for the cleanup process to complete and navigate back to the plugin to continue working. Users should also reference this article for best practices in merging with this integration.

5.  Best practice to prevent duplicates is to process updates and transactions from the plugin as soon as possible. Database cleanup and merging duplicate constituent records outside the plugin should be done after all transactions have been cleared from the plugin, if possible.

6. If there are multiple users working in the plugin at one time ensure users select the Refresh button to clean up any processed transactions.


 1.4.5359 ; 1.1.7

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