Users can find any and all errors that prevent records from moving through the service bus to either The Raiser’s Edge or to Luminate Online Marketing. Sometimes, errors can be caused by problems with the XML data or with missing Cross References  for donation forms. There are several options available in Queue Problem Management that can help us troubleshoot any errors listed there.

Click 'View' in order to see errors.

In the Action column for a record type, click:

Browse - to view the log or the XML message content.

Rebuild All - to abandon the earlier message associated with a record, write a new XML message for that record, and send the message into the queue. Use Rebuild after you reset a cross reference to a valid value or after a system error is fixed. Under other circumstances, Rebuild is a slow version of Requeue.

Delete All - to remove the earlier XML message associated with a record and not generate a new message. An administrator uses delete only for a serious mistake, such as attempting to synchronize an entire house file with a single queue.

Export - to export a file containing information about errors for the selected record type. To download or delete the error report, navigate to the Problem Exports tab.

Use the Queue Status tab to view record categories that have errors. Click here to learn more about the categories in Queue Status. Luminate integration users should monitor their QPM errors regularly and use this tool to help identify and resolve missing transactions in the RELO plugin.