When the sent column is blank, this typically indicates NetCommunity did not send the email message to the intended recipients. There are a few possible causes of this:

The recipient opted out of an email from the organization
​​​If a recipient previously opted out from an email message from your organization, NetCommunity will not attempt to send to them again.  To determine if this is the case:
  1. From the Recipients tab in the email message report, select Opted Out from the Status drop down
  2. Click Filter
This will provide you with a list of individuals who have opted out of NetCommunity email.  Note: if these users opted out of an imported list, the Raiser's Edge record will not be updated, and therefore will not show "Requests No Email".

The email address has previously been listed as an Invalid Account
To determine if an address has been marked as Invalid:
  1. From the Recipients tab in the email message report, Select Invalid Accounts
Note: if the user is here, it means their email address has been report as invalid by their hosting Internet Service Provider (ISP). For example, an ISP may report an email address account as invalid due to a nonexistent or canceled account. Typical causes of an invalid account occur when the email address contains a typographical error or the email account is canceled due to inactivity. Accounts that bounce email for another reason, such as a temporary network issue, a full mailbox, or a content filter, do not appear in Invalid accounts.

The email address is marked as Inactive in The Raiser's Edge
This applies when using a constituent based list based on a query in The Raiser's Edge. To verify the status of the email address in The Raiser's Edge:
  1. Open The Raiser's Edge
  2. Navigate to Records
  3. Open the record associated with the email address in question
  4. Select the Email Addresses tab under Bio 1
  5. Verify the Email address is not marked Inactive
If the email address is marked Inactive, and you believe it should be active, unmark the Inactive box, then click Save