Unable to process corporate gifts via bulk processing

When trying to process a donation transaction (made on behalf of a company) using the bulk processing tool in the plugin, you receive the following error:

Error: Failed: Donation [number] by [donor name] on behalf of [organization name] must be linked to an existing Organization Constituent record.

This error occurs even if you've made sure that the individual and organizational constituents have been created/linked on the transaction.
The most likely reason this error occurs is because the organization is not auto-matching. According to the Options tab of the bulk-processing screen, "Transactions with unresolved records will be excluded from this bulk process." There are checkboxes under the Options tab for Create new Raiser’s Edge record automatically and Bypass required fields. If you mark these, you will be able to bulk process corporate gifts. However, depending on the options you select, there are a few scenarios that will result in this error:
  1. If you select the Reject profile updates option, the plugin will not create a new record for you and you'll receive that error.
  2. If you don't select Create new Raiser’s Edge record automatically, you will receive that error.
  3. If you don't select Bypass required fields, you may receive that error depending on which required fields you have setup in batch.

In general and as a best practice, we discourage processing corporate gifts in bulk for the following reasons:
  • The possibility of user error. For example, a donor types in their company name and it differs from the record you need to link it to.
  • It's better to take time at that moment to make sure everything is linked properly so you don’t have to clean up your data later on.
  • You'll most likely want to add things to an organization's record like, address/phone, especially if the organization will be donating regularly.
According to page 49 of the Blackbaud NetCommunity & The Raiser's Edge Integration Guide, "when you use bulk process, you select to download all donors as new records in The Raiser’s Edge and process every donation simultaneously. If you process everything, you may need to clean up data in The Raiser’s Edge after processing completes."

Ultimately, we recommend that you process all affected gifts in the plugin one by one (single transaction process instead of bulk). This will ensure that your data remains intact and that all these types of gifts will be linked and will process successfully in the plugin.


 6.58.806, patch 2

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