In a multisite, a Newsletter moved to a different site

You are viewing Newsletters in NetCommunity under Email > Newsletters. If you have multi-site,you may see a Newsletter that appeared under one site now display under a different site.

The Newsletters can appear under multiple sites when using multisite. If the Newsletter appears under the wrong site, you can copy the HTML from the Newsletter and use this to create a new Newsletter under the correct site.
To copy the HTML code:

  1. Edit the Newsletter.
  2. Select the view tab > HTML code.
  3. Copy the full code.
  4. Close out of the editor.

To paste this into a new Newsletter:

Login under the correct site.

  1. Select Email > Newsletters.
  2. Create a new Newsletter.
  3. Select the view tab > HTML code.
  4. Paste the HTML code.
  5. Save.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Navigate to Email>Newsletters
  2. Change the site, under filter by Site but do not click the filter button.
  3. Edit the news letter and type test in the description field
  4. Save the newsletter
  5. Click return.
  6. Select filter by site
    • Notice the newsletter has shifted from one site to the other


 6.58.806 patch 2

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