Column title shows incorrectly in Reconcile transactions and disbursements

On the View by disbursements tab, the column heading reads as Disbursement date when it is truly the end date for the payment cycle.
While the column reads Disbursement date, the dates actually refer to the last payment date of the disbursement period.

For example, if the disbursement cycle was from 3/1 to 3/7 and the disbursement or deposit date was 3/14, the date of the report in Altru reads 3/8, which is the last day of the disbursement cycle, not the day it will be deposited to your bank.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to the Treasury page and select Reconcile transactions and disbursements
  2. Select the View by disbursements tab and select Apply
  3. Note the values that display in the Disbursement date column
  4. Select one of the reports to download the PDF file and open the report
  5. Note that this date is the last date of the payment cycle and is not the date of disbursement to their bank account.



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