Error: Type mismatch when adding Actions to Constituents using Outlook integration

When adding incoming emails as Actions to constituent records, a user may intermittently see the error 'Type mismatch'.  The user is then unable to add any further emails as Actions for that specific constituent.

Other users will still be able to add emails as Actions for the affected constituent, provided they have not seen the error for that same constituent record.
If you encounter this issue in the current version of The Raiser's Edge, contact support and reference this article. 

Alternative Solution:
 Add the actions to the records manually from within The Raiser's Edge, or forward the affected email to another user and have that user add the action using Outlook integration.  Creating a new RE username for the affected user may also resolve the issue temporarily.


 7.93.5782, patch 4 ; 7.92.5508, patch 7

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