The constituent linking status is determined when the user visits the donation form.  

- If the user is logged into the NetCommunity site, the NetCommunity Plugin recognizes that they are a linked user, and is able to connect this username with the Raiser's Edge record.  When they are logged in, the NetCommunity Plugin will show the constituent as "Linked".

- If the user goes directly to the Donation or Event Form, and does not log into the NetCommunity site first, NetCommunity and Raiser's Edge are not able to establish the linked relationship.  In this scenario, the Plugin will display the constituent as being "Auto-Matched".

- If the user clicks a link in an email that sends them directly to the Donation or Event Form, and utilizes the auto fill feature, this will appear as constituent status of "Auto-Matched".  Even though the user's information is prepopulating, they are not forced to log in, and the linked account information is not sent over with the transaction.