AOL, Gmail, and Yahoo have published DMARC records, structured in a way to tell receiving servers to reject any email not originating from their mail servers. This was a step taken to address spoofed spam emails resulting from compromised email accounts at those providers.

The result is that any email sent which appears to be from,, or, which originates from a different server (like eTapestry, Luminate Online, NetCommunity, Delivra, or any other mail server not controlled by AOL, Gmail, orYahoo) will be rejected by any server checking DMARC records (including most if not all of the top domains like Hotmail, Comcast, Gmail, AOL, and Yahoo). 

The reason behind the decision can be found here and here

We anticipate that the rest of the free email providers will likely follow suit soon and publish their own DMARC records. 


What you need to do:
Stop using any address from a free email provider in the From line of mailings sent through eTapestry, Luminate Online, or NetCommunity. Switch to a domain that you own or have control over.
We realize that this places a burden on small businesses and organizations who may not have a domain that they own. Unfortunately, the issue is one that is controlled entirely by the email providers. 

For organizations using G Suite, settings can be changed and the SPF records can be configured to allow these emails to send. Please see for information to set this up through Google. The IP addresses that eTapestry uses to send emails can be found in Why are emails sent from eTapestry being sent to Spam?.