Q: Biographical data for ALL constituent records in RE will be exported from RE and imported into Luminate. We cannot limit which records will flow to Luminate.
A: The only way to limit which records get sent over from RE to luminate is to change the phone type of the email address to something different. The Connector will only pull constituent records from RE that have a very specific phone type for email address.

Q: Duplicate records may be created in Luminate if we have multiple records in RE with the same email address. We cannot stop these duplicates from importing.
A: You are right, duplicate records in RE with same email addresses will be sent over to LO and create duplicate records in LO since those records have differing RE Cons IDs. The only way to not have the duplicate record not come over to LO is to change the phone type of the email address so that the connector doesn’t pull over that constituent record.

Q: Once RE records have been imported into Luminate and have both an RE Constituent ID (aka Luminate Member ID) and an RE Import ID, transactions from these constituents will be eligible to flow as long as the cross references are set.
A: That is absolutely correct. So long as the constituent record has an Import ID, their transaction will qualify to come down via the Connector so long as there are cross references set up for a RE Campaign, RE Fund, and RE Appeal.

Q: All Luminate transactions since the last datasync run will be sent to RE for importing. For this first datasync, ALL transactions will be sent to RE.
A: The first time the datasync is run, all transactions that have a mapped cross-reference for RE Campaign, RE Fund, and RE Appeal will be sent down. On subsequent runs, any transaction not having been sent down due to a missing cross-reference or missing Import Id along with new transactions will be sent down. Transaction records are only sent down once.

Q: Biographical information entered by a constituent through an online transaction will replace the biographical information in RE.
A: This is true, biographical information entered by a constituent in LO will replace the RE data when the updates are imported into RE.