1098T information will not generate if:
  • There is no degree on the student's Requirements tab.
  • There is a date in the "Completed On" field of the requirement. 
  • The degree is fulfilled (no requirements show as "In Progress")
  • The degree is inactive

Try the following until the issue is resolved:

1. Open the student record, Requirements tab.
2. If no degree exists, add a degree by clicking Add New Degree.
3. Re-generate 1098T information for the student.

If there is a degree already on the Requirements tab:

1. Open the degree by double-clicking it on the left hand panel of the Requirements tab.
2. Remove the Completed on date, click OK.
3. Re-generate 1098T information for the student.

If there is no Completed On date to remove:

1. Ensure that the degree hasn't been fulfilled (one or more requirements must show as "In Progress").
2. If all degree information is marked as completed, temporarily add a new degree to the record so that at least one section shows as "In Progress".
3. Save and close the student record.
4. Re-generate 1098T information for the student.
5. Remove the additional degree from the student's record.

If the degree is on the record, verify it's not inactive:
1.Configuration > Registrar setup> Degrees
2. Open the degree
3. Verify Inactive is not marked (if inactive is marked, unmark it, save the changes)