Emails missing on the NetCommunity Tab of the Raisers Edge Record

When viewing the NetCommunity tab within the constituents Raisers Edge record, the email statistics have stopped updating as of a specific date.

Acknowledgement Emails missing from NetCommunity tab on Constituent Record
Acknowledgement Emails missing from NetCommunity tab on Constituent Record 
  1. Confirm the recommended frequency for Raisers Edge Integration Service
    • Note: The Settings can be checked within the NetCommunity website under Administration>Sites & Settings>Schedules
    • The recommendation is 500 records per 60 minutes. If this is increased, you may see performance issues. 
      • Note: If you have a very large amount of records that appears to be backlogged, you may temporarily increase the frequency up to 5000 per 10 minutes. If you are to increase it, only so during low traffic for the website. For example, consider increasing it at the end of the day, and then change the settings back to recommended in the morning. Further note, increasing this is not recommended and it has not be quality tested and it may lead to performance issues. Proceed with caution. 
    • You can see an overview of backlogged email data via:
      • Click the hyperlink for the Number of records to update
      • Note the Email Recipients in particular
    • If there is a backlog of data, you will need to wait for it to sync over. Eventually, it will push all the data from BBNC to RE
  2. If your organization is hosts your own Raiser's Edge, confirm the Raiser's Edge Web Service version and Plugin version matches the Website version, and upgrade as needed.
This issue has been resolved with the latest version. Download and install the latest version and patch, if applicable. 


Steps to Duplicate

To view the email in NetCommunity :
  1. Log into the NetCommunity website
  2. Go to Email > Messages
  3. View the email report for any message with a Constituent Data Source that was sent after the date when you suspect the data stopped
  4. Select the Recipients link to view who has received the message
Check the constituent record in Raisers Edge :
  1. Log in to The Raiser's Edge
  2. Select Records from the left menu, and select to Open a Constituent Record from Step 4 above
  3. Click on the NetCommunity tab, and note that the last email and whether or not it includes the email expected


 6.55.526 patch 6

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