To view Web site statistics

  1. Select Content >Content Management System.
  2. In the Content Management System page, highlight the Web site and select Manage Website.
  3. In the CMS Website page, select the Site Statistics tab.
  4. The Site Statistics page appears, with the Daily Site Statistics tab displayed.
  5. Highlight a page title and select Show Details. The statistics detail page open. You can view general, hourly, and daily statistics; and by IP address or user. You may need to confirm that you want to view site statistics by IP address and user.
  6. Click Close when done.

To view the site statistics in Microsoft Excel

•In the CMS Website page, click View in Excel if you want to view statistics for all Web pages listed.
- Or -
Highlight a page title and select Show Details. In the resulting page, click View in Excel.

  • Note: If you need more information on the Site Statistics feature: