Two options exist when migrating to Blackbaud Hosting Services: 

1. Recreate the documents as needed in FAWeb. This is a simple, quick process that both creates the document and maps the document to the correct path in Blackbaud Hosting Services at the same time. 
2. If you wish to retain already created documents, please follow the steps below: 
  1. Locate the files locally. The path should be: C:\Program Files (x 86)\Blackbaud\Download Documents[numeric name of class folder]\[numeric name of subject folder]\my document.filetype.
    • Ex: C:\Program Files (x86)\Blackbaud\Download Documents\1234\123456\Math Class Syllabus.pdf
  2. Copy the items from Download Documents on the C drive into the Download Documents in Blackbaud Hosting Services. Important Note: Please ensure the folder structure remains in tact for the transfer. Everything in the Download Documents folder on the local drive should match the Download Documents folder in the Files folder location. In the above example in step #1, ensure 1234\123456\Math Class Syllabus.pdf is transferred over, not just the document "Math Class Syllabus.pdf". 
  • The easiest method of transferring multiple files will be FileZilla FTP software. To download and use FileZilla with step-by-step instructions, click here. For a video click here.
  • You may also upload these manually in the Files folder location. For step-by-step instructions click here, and for a video here
If the above fails to resolve, please Click Chat with Support and reference this article.