Recognition Credits do not default correctly when importing revenue into an Enhanced Revenue Batch if the “New/Edit Constituent” collection fields are used to map existing constituents.

Gifts for new and existing constituents can be imported into an Enhanced Revenue Batch. There are times when the import file is provided by an outside vendor that may not know the Lookup ID for existing constituents, or have the information needed to differentiate between new and existing donors. The “New/Edit Constituent” collection field can be used to map all donors. We expect recognition credits to be distributed in the following manner.
New Donor: Recognition credits should be added based on the settings under Revenue -> Configuration -> Recognition Settings.
Existing Donor: If the “Did default recognition credit” field is included in the import file and was set to 0, recognition credits should be added based on the default recognition credit settings on the constituent’s record.
CRM users may notice that recognition credits do not default correctly for existing constituents when the “New/Edit Constituent” collection field is used in the import.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.
Alternative Solution:
Separate the file so that new donors are in one file, and existing donors are in a separate file. Identify the Lookup ID for existing donors, and use the Lookup ID to map those donors in the import template.



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