As recurring gifts age, they can fail as donors change banks and thus change credit cards or they cancel their cards, etc. As the months pass and the failing gift is not updated, it becomes less and less likely that the gift will start spontaneously working again. This can lead to an overall high decline rate as the gift continues to fail. We recommend that you consider cancelling and re-soliciting these gifts.

The canceling of the gifts can be done automatically by Luminate Online by a change in the  backend site option setting. If that setting is turned on, the product will automatically cancel any gifts that have failed over more than X number of periods (X number of months for monthly gifts, X number of years for yearly gifts, etc.) where you can specify X. To reiterate, only one failure per payment period will count toward this total, even if there are multiple processing attempts within that period. We recommend changing that setting to no more than 6 and no less than 3 as most gifts that revive do so in the first 3 months or so. Contact support to have this option turned on.

Additionally we recommend that you verify that you have turned on and are happy with the content of the “Failed Sustaining Payment Notification” autoresponder configured in every recurring gift donation form. Alternatively you can configure the “Failed Sustaining Payment Notification” in the Autoresponder Center and configure some or all of the forms to use that autoresponder for ease of use and a consistent look and feel across all forms.  You can also turn on the Service Center for each donation form with recurring gifts. With the failed notification autoresponder turned on and configured to point to the Service Center, you can automatically alert donors of failed gifts and empower those donors to update those gifts with new credit card information.

Recurring Gift Best Practices