1. In Student Billing, select Online Express Bill Pay.
2. Click Manage Transactions - this will only be available if payments have been submitted.
3. Set any filters if needed to narrow down which payments will be added.
4. Mark the checkboxes under Select for each payment that should be processed.
5. Select to Add selected to New Deposit or Add selected to Existing Deposit.
Note: If you select to add to a new deposit, you will given a window where you can create the new deposit. If you select to add to an existing deposit, you will be able to search for an open deposit.
6. Click to Continue to Fast!
7. In the new window, you can view the payments that will be added. Information can be adjusted here if needed for any of the columns.
8. To add the payments to the records, click Commit Records.

Click here for a step by step video.