1. Check and remove any filters applied in the RELO plugin.
  2. Navigate to Raiser's Edge, RELO plugin, Options button and increase the 'Maximum number of updates to display'. If you have more transactions than the maximum allowed those gifts will not be available until you process the gifts ahead.
  3. Check Luminate, Queue Problem Management (QPM) area to review and resolve errors.
  4. Check RE Gift Batch-review any uncommitted or exception gift batches.
  5. Use Query to confirm the gift was not already processed (or if another gift was committed with the same ID. RELO will supress transactions with the same ID to prevent duplicates from syncing to Raiser's Edge.

For additional troubleshooting steps when all data is not syncing, please review this article: Information is not synching between The Raiser's Edge and Luminate Online.