If you are pulling this list for a mailing, we recommend that you create an Appeal Mailing and mark to send one letter per household. Your mailing will automatically process will automatically filter on just the primary member of the household. For more information about the appeal mailing process, please see our related Knowledgebase solution: How to run an appeal mailing.

Step #1: Create your Constituent query
  1. Navigate to Analysis, then click on Information Library
  2. Click Add an ad-hoc query
  3. Select source view of #Constituent and click OK

Step #2: Add filters to only include the primary household member in the results: 
  1. Ensure that the constituent Name is in the output of the query.
    • Note: If you do not have Name, add it by highlighting Constituents at the top of the far left hand column. From the middle column, drag Name into Results fields to display.
  2. In left column, expand Households Belonging To, expand Household Constituent, then select Household Members. From the middle column, drag Is Primary Contact to Include records where. Your field will appear like this:

  3. In the left column, expand Households Belonging To, expand Household Constituent, expand Household Members and select Household Constituent. From the middle column, drag Name to Include records where. Apply criteria to be Equal to Output field. Select Name from the drop down.

    Your fields will now appear like this: 
  4. From the same middle column, drag the Name field into Include records where. This time in the Apply criteria window, change Equal to to Blank. After this field, change the AND to OR. This field will return anyone who is not a member of a household.
    • Note: If you want to be certain that former members of a household are not included/excluded, you will want to add the additional following field: In the left column, select Households Belonging to. From the middle, drag Is Current into Include records where. Set Equal to Yes.
  5. Place parenthesis around your first two fields, then surround your entire Household criteria in parenthesis.
  6. In the left column, select Constituents at the very top. From the middle column, drag Is group/household to Include Records Where. Set Equal to No. Your criteria should look like this: 
one member per household in query

*Note- With the above query fields used, it will not include constituents whose households were dissolved. In order to include these type of constituents, you would need to include the field Households Belonging To\Household Constituent\Household Details\Dissolved is equal to yes in the query, as shown below: 

Another way to pull information by household is to create a query with a source view of Constituents (with Household information rolled up). This source view looks directly at Household constituents, so if you are looking to pull information about Household members and individual constituents that are not part of a household, you will have to pull this information from different nodes in query.
  • For information about constituents that are part of a household, pull from the Household Members node.
  • For information about constituents that are not part of a household, pull from the Constituent Details node.