For TeamRaiser follow-up autoresponders, there is an SDP called "F2F_FOLLOW_UP_STOP_DAYS_BEFORE_EVENT" that determines how many days before an event to stop sending follow-up autoresponders. First, you will want to inspect this site option if you can view it, and if not please contact support to have them check this site option for you. Make sure that the date you are expecting to receive the autoresponder is not within that time frame.

If you have verified that you should still receive this autoresponder based on how that site option is set, make sure that the event has an event date defined. Sometimes with blueprints and virtual events no date will be set when the event is configured. Regardless of value, this SDP needs an event date in order to know when to stop sending the follow-up autoresponders. If you do not set an event date, the SDP will always prevent you from sending these autoresponders. Defining any event date in the future will fix this and allow those autoresponders to send until the anticipated stopping point.

Note: If your follow-up autoresponders are sending but not at the correct time, please refer to this solution.