To ensure the best WealthPoint results are returned, we suggest the following criteria be considered when building your file for submission:
  • Include Individual record types only
  • Include addresses with complete address information (full street names, city, state, zip codes)
  • Exclude addresses outside of the United States
  • Exclude Business addresses
  • Exclude PO Boxes (most personal wealth is found under a physical property address)
  • Exclude Deceased records
Other considerations:
  • Blackbaud does not de duplicate your file submission. Ensure that only one record is submitted per constituent
  • Primary constituents and spouse names should be included on one line (even if both constituents have primary records)

If you are submitting project data from Raiser's Edge, please see"How to download and install the Raiser's Edge Export Wizard"

If you are submitting project data from a database other than Raiser's Edge, please see "What fields to include for WealthPoint Project when not using Raiser's Edge"