If you have gifts that have failed multiple times, it is usually reasonable to assume that the gift is never going to succeed again. If the gift is a forever gift, the system will try that gift forever despite the fact that it keeps failing. You can have this setting altered so that after failures in X number periods (e.g. monthly for monthly gifts and yearly for yearly gifts, etc.), the system automatically cancels the gift.
    • The value in this setting is used to determine the number of consecutive failures to allow for a sustaining gift before canceling it. If this value is set to 0 (or blank), then the gift will be tried until it reaches the number of payments or forever. If this value is set to 10, then after 10 consecutive failures, the gift will be canceled. The reason for canceling will be 'Cancelled - Excessive Failures'. This setting affects all gifts with and without a specific duration. Only one failure per payment period will count toward this total, even if there are multiple processing attempts within that period.

The product will allow you to retry failed gifts more than once in a period (e.g. monthly for monthly gifts and yearly for yearly gifts, etc.). Below are the settings specifically around how many times the system tries again and when if the gift fails. If you have the “Failed Sustaining Payment Notification” autoresponder turned on and the Service Center turned on for your donation forms, this can alert your donors of a failed gift and empower them to update the gift with a new credit card. Then if you have the settings below configured to retry the gift in the next couple of days, you can still capture the gift for that period.
    • Number of attempts to make for each payment. If empty, it will try at least 1 payment. When a payment fails, the system shall look at this setting to determine whether to requeue the payment. If so, then it uses setting: DAYS_BETWEEN_ATTEMPTS to requeue the payment.
    • Number of attempts value gets incremented for normal failures, but network errors do not count towards this number. 
    • Number of days between attempts. setting: ATTEMPTS_PER_PAYMENT should be set for this to take effect.

Often when a credit card expires, the owner of the card receives a new identical card with a new expiration date. Often the owner does not think to contact the NPO to update their recurring gift. Using the settings below, the system can automatically try to guess the new expiration date so that the gift can continue processing.
    • (TRUE/FALSE) Set this to TRUE if you want to process recurring pledges with expired cards. This is only supported for PayPal PayflowPro and IATS payment processors.
    • Set this value to one or more of the following separated by commas. This setting only applies to expired cards.
      • ORIG = Original expiration date.
      • ZERO = Zero out the expiration date.
      • <Number> = Number of years to increment the date by
    • E.g. if you specify ORIG, ZERO, 1, 2, 3 - it will try the original date first, then zeroing it out and then adding 1 year etc. Once a value succeeds, it is saved and reused the following month. This setting only works for PayPal PayflowPro.
Additionally, you can increment donations in the event of a failure:
    • This setting determines how failures to recurring payments are handled. When set to FALSE (default), failures to the recurring payment will NOT increment the duration. This means that if the pledge has a duration of 12, if there are 6 successful and 6 failed payments, the pledge would be marked as completed. If this is set to TRUE, then when a failure occurs, it increments the duration so that one extra payment can be obtained from the donor. This setting has no effect if the pledge has no duration. If you set this to TRUE, please look at PLEDGE_MAX_FAILURES to limit the number of extra payments that are tried for this pledge.