Skype has an add-on called “Click to Call” for all browsers. The Skype Click and Call function highlights phone and contact numbers on web pages and emails, and a Skype call can be executed by simply clicking the highlighted number. When typing in a phone number into a communications template or DIY form (anywhere there is a text editor in eTapestry) this add-on will convert the text into a link. The Click to Call add-on uses code from Skype to create this link. This code prevents the use of the template in Microsoft Word.

First disable the add-on within your browser:

1.    Click Tools
2.    Click Add-ons
3.    Click Extension
4.    Click Disable next to Skype “Click to Call” add-on
5.    Close and reopen Browser

Google Chrome
1.    Click the 3 lined menu button
2.    Click Tools
3.    Click Extensions
4.    Uncheck enable next to the Skype “Click to call” add-on
5.    Close and reopen Browser

Internet Explorer
1.    Click Tools
2.    Click Internet Options
3.    Select the Programs tab
4.    Click Manage add-ons
5.    Click the Skype “Click to Call” add-on
6.    Click Disable button in lower right corner
7.    Click Disable in the “Disable Add-on“ popup window
8.    Close and reopen Browser

Once you disable the add-on, you'll need to remove broken image and Skype related code:

Remove from a Communications Template:
1.    Log into eTapestry
2.    Click Communications
3.    Click the name of the category the template is stored in
4.    Click on the name of the template so you can edit it
5.    Hover over of the block that contains the converted phone number
6.    Press the Red "X" to remove the block
7.    Select a new block from the Add Block drop-down at the top of the template
8.    Re-type text into this new block (do not copy and paste original text into new block)
9.    Click step 4, Save And Edit
10.  Click Word under Preview to test template

Remove from a DIY form:
  1. Log into eTapestry
  2. Click Management
  3. Click DIY Forms
  4. Click Edit next to the page you need to edit
  5. Click the section that has the Skype logo in it, or it may appear as a broken image
  6. Click the image and key in your backspace or delete keys until it is gone
  7. Click Update
  8. Click Save
  9. Click Go Live
  10. Click Yes, Go Live!
  11. Click Replace