This can be caused by a few factors, but most likely is that the system thinks it has already pushed down the content.  If the content was unlocked previously, and you changed it, you must lock it and push down, for the content to update.  It is possible that it will not push down after that change, because the system already "pushed" the content, and since it was unlocked, it didn't overwrite what was there, but did change it to "locked" status.

At this point, to get the new content to push down, make a small change to the content you want to push (i.e. Autoresponders, you could add an extra space at the end of the last word).  Save the change, and then once you have touched all the records you wanted, push the changes and the system will ask you to verify what is to be sent down.

You will see the blue headers above the items that will be updated or changed, and the gray ones will be left alone.  Confirm the push, and the task will run overnight.  You can only push once per 24 hours.

If after checking the above steps and your push still did not happen during that evenings task run, it will be queued to run the next evening.

Alternate reasons:
Why can't I push down an object created in a parent parent blueprint into an already existing child event?