The Unpublish Schedule is defined when you create the donation form, but can be modified at any time. To set an unpublish date for a donation form:
  1. Fundraising > Donation Management > Donation Forms tab > Next to the form in question click "Edit"
  2. Go to step 7, "Publish"
  3. For step 2, "Choose a schedule to unpublish this donation form", you have several options outlined below. Once you are done click "Finish" or "Save".
  • Check "Do not unpublish this donation form" to keep the form live for an indefinite period of time
  • Check "Unpublish this donation form now" to unpublish the form immediately. 
  • Check "Unpublish this donation form according to the schedule set below" to schedule a future date to unpublish the donation form. You can then choose a date and time from the drop downs.