First, make sure the transaction was not matched to a different constituent account. The best way to do this is to create a query for processed transactions on the date you received the confirmation email. We have some standard Queries in the category Processed Transactions that you can use but if you have a specific date, you can create a custom query like this:
  1. Click Queries>Manage Queries
  2. Select a Category that you want to store this query in
  3. Select New Query under the tasks menu
  4. Name the Query Online Transaction Search
  5. Under Starting Query, set the Category to Base and the Query to All Constituents - A
  6. Under Results, set the Data Return Type to Journal Entries
  7. Set the Criteria Matching to “Match each criteria”
  8. Set the Personas to be checked to Any Persona
  9. Now, let's add Criteria. These Criteria will be used to find the results you need.
  10. Select Dates from the Browse Fields drop down menu and click Processed Transaction Date
  11. Fill in the date you want to search for
  12. Optional step: If needed you can narrow down your search if you know the Fund or Received Amount of the transaction in question. Those fields are both located under Commonly Used Fields if you need to add them
  13. Click Save and Preview
  14. Click Choose Columns and add the column called "Credit/Debit Card Name on Card" to the preview page so that you can see if that is your missing donation
Second, verify with your transaction processing service that the card was truly charged. If your organization uses Blackbaud Merchant Services you can log into their web portal and run a Transaction Search based on the same time frame. Cross reference this to the query you created in eTapestry to make sure the charge was made.

If you've done both of those things but you still cannot locate the donation in your database, please contact support and provide this article ID and all of your troubleshooting to reference your issue.