When creating a query, you have specific fields under the field type Sustained Giving Information, and the field Status will give you options for the different statuses that sustained givers can be in:
  • Unknown  -  status unknown to the system
  • Current Sustaining Donor - Has at least one active sustaining gift
  • Former Sustaining Donor - at one time had an active sustaining gift, but not currently (deprecated though you may have constituents in this state)
  • Postponed Sustaining Donor - Has a sustaining gift where the next payment has been delayed
  • Completed Sustaining Donor - Had a gift with an end date that completed
  • Terminated Due To Payment Failures - Gift cancelled due to failed payment attempts
  • Terminated By User - Gift cancelled in the user Service Center
  • Terminated By Admin - Administrator cancelled via the admin interface
  • Lapsed Sustaining Donor - Has an active gift, but at least the last payment attempt failed, will continute to attempt per the site settings
  • Partially Lapsed Sustaining Donor - Donor has more than one sustaining gift, at least one of which is active and one is active but payments are failing

In addition you could create a query to see all sustainers who have ever made a sustaining gift:
  1. Select to "Add an Interaction Clause".
  2. Select "Referenced Type".
  3. Select Sustaining Gift Processed. It will allow you to select the campaigns you would like to include and if you select them all it will have all the sustaining donors.
  4. You can use the results to create a group or open in a csv file with a mail merge.