You can personalize the URL to your Personal Page to make it easier to remember and share with other people. For example, using your name in the URL may make it easier for people to find the page.

If you are in the classic version of the participant center:
  1. After accessing your Participant Center, locate the Update personal URLs link (in the colored area on the right side of the page) and click it.
  2. Click into the personalized Web address field and type the text you want to use (such as your name or nickname). You may only use letters and numbers as well as the the period (.), dash (-), and underscore (_) characters from your keyboard. To avoid problems, do not leave any spaces between your entry.
  3. Click the Save button. The successfully saved changes to the account message displays at the top of the page and the Current URL displays with your personalized Web address.
In the ParticipantCenter2 (PC2):
  1. Click on "Personal Page" at the top of the participant center
  2. Click on "URL Settings" next to your current URL at the top of the page
  3. Here you can add the url shortcut and you can set your page to private if you would like
Administrators can change the setting by following these instructions.