Uploading constituents to an Interest group is different than how you would normally add constituents to a group using a Custom Constituent Import. Instead of adding the constituents to the Interest opt-in group, you'll be adding them to the Interest itself. Follow the instructions below to do so.
  1. Go to Constituent360 > select Interests
  2. Find the interest that you'll be adding the constituents to and click on the name
  3. Look at the Interest Group names. It will look something like "e-Newsletter(1121) Opt Ins"
  4. Make note of the number contained in the parentheses
  5. In your CSV upload file, add a column named Email, or Constituent ID. Populate this column with the constituents you would like to add to the interest
  6. Add another column header labeled as Interest ID and populate the ID that you noted in step 4 in each constituent row
  7. Add another column header labeled as Interest Opt-In Flag and populate TRUE for each constituent row
  8. Save your Excel file as a CSV (comma-delimited) 
  9. Navigate to Data Management > select Import/Export
  10. Click Create a Custom constituent Import
  11. Type in the Import Name and Upload your file
  12. On step 2. Map Fields, you'll need to map the Luminate values, to the column headers from your import file.
  13. Click Next
  14. Now go to the step called Select Update Action and choose the Data Decision to Overwrite Only Blank Fields with Values from the Imported File
  15. Click Next and then click Finish and Import