A ticketing button on the Daily Sales screen is grayed out.

I can see my ticketing buttons on the Daily Sales page but they are grayed out and cannot be clicked on. Daily Sales button is grayed out. 
 Follow the steps below until the issue is resolved: 
  1. Go to Tickets > Program Search.  Search for and select the program for the buttons that are grayed out.  Go to the Events List tab.  Ensure there is an event scheduled.
  2. Verify the event still has availability.  If there is no availability, increase your capacity or you will not be able to sell tickets since the event is sold out.
  3. On the program record, go to the On Sale tab.  Verify that the on sale period for Daily Sales is set to begin immediately and end either at the event start time OR minutes after the start.
  4. Ensure your time zone is correctly configured in Administration > Time Zones.  Mark your time zone as the default.
  5. Go to Tickets > Configure Daily Sales page.  Edit your button and change the time option.  If the event is in the future, change the time option to manually select the event time.  If the event is not today, ensure that the box "only show today's events" is not marked.
  6. Ensure that the pricing on the program events match the pricing on the program. For example, the program event cannot have custom pricing and the program have standard pricing. They must all be the same.
  7. If the program event is a members only event, there must be a patron with a membership defined on the order or a membership in the cart.  
  8. Delete and recreate the Daily Sales button 



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