To view cookies and identify the user session (app server) on the major browsers:

After you've attempted to access or utilize a Luminate Online page (admin or user side), follow the steps below.

Where 46D70B105C6BDC342E8DB936C1D0CD23 is the java session ID, and app268c is the app server in use.

Firefox - latest version
  1. In the URL bar, click the padlock to the left of the link.
  2. In the pop up, click More Information.
  3. In the new Page Info pop up, select the padlock Security tab.
  4. Click View Cookies.
  5. In the new pop up, search for JSESSIONID in the list. (Case matters.)
  6. Select the value for the domain you are on (such as "" or "" or "")

Chrome - latest version
  1. In the URL bar, click the padlock or "i" to the left of the URL
  2. Beneath "Cookies," click the link for "# in use"
  3. In pop up, click the arrow beside the domain you are currently on (such as "" or "" or "") to expand the list
  4. Select the Cookies folder underneath.
  5. Within the cookies folder, select JSESSIONID.
  6. Note the data in "Content"

IE 10
  1. While on the desired Luminate Online page, click F12.
  2. Developer Tools will appear on the bottom half of your screen.
  3. Select "Cache".
  4. From the drop down, click "View cookie information".
  5. In the new screen displaying the cookies, scroll down or use the Find feature (Ctrl+F) to locate JSESSIONID information.

Safari is not supported at this time.