To help keep information about your constituents' credit card numbers and expiration dates current, Blackbaud Merchant Services partners with Visa Account Updater, MasterCard Automatic Billing Updater, Discover Network Account Updater, and American Express Card refresher to identify these expired or out-of-date credit card information, and provide new card numbers and expiration dates as necessary. When your organization subscribes to this service, Blackbaud Merchant Services analyzes credit card data for expired or out-of-date credit card information and provides updated numbers and dates when possible.

From the portal, you can opt into Email Notifications to receive an email when your account receives updated card information in your Blackbaud software application.  Reporting for Credit Card Updater is located in your software application.

NOTE: Credit Card Updater is only available to US and Canadian customers using the following Blackbaud Applications:  Luminate Online , The Raiser's Edge, Altru, and Blackbaud CRM. Click here  for more information.