1. First go to Fundraising>Teamraiser.
  2. Then search for and "Edit' the teamraiser, you want to add a discount code to.
  3. Go to step 8. Manage Discounts, and click "Create a New Discount"
  4. Give your discount a name, and description if needed, as well as the code you want to use ( it can be anything, ex. NEWMEMBERS! or A*&SHJKA*) and set the security category. NOTE: The discount code is case sensitive.
  5. Click "Next" and choose if you want the discount to be a percentage or fixed, and choose the amount it will be discounted by.
  6. Click "Next" and now decide, if you want to have a limited number of discount uses or not.
  7. Click "Next" and now determine, how many times each participant can use this code, and if it is accessible to everyone, or only certain groups.
  8. Click "Next" and finally decide, when this discount can start and end to be used and then click "Approve Discount".
  9. This will have set up the discount, now you will be able to see it on the Discounts list.
  10. From the discounts list you can click the action "Associate" next it.
  11. You will be taken to a new page, where you will have the list of participation types in this event, and you can choose for which types this discount code can be used by clicking "Add".

You have now created and associated a discount code to a participation type.

Now the last step is letting your constituents know of the discount code. There are various ways to do this. 

A few examples are:
  1. Through an email.
  2. Showing it in a text box while registering for the participation type.
  3. A Pagebuilder page, that only select members can get to.