When an employee / user leaves an organization, certain steps should be taken to update database and system log-ins to maintain the security of your products and data. This solution describes some key steps that should be taken at this time of transition regarding your Blackbaud products.
  1. Update the user's role at Blackbaud.com and with Blackbaud Product Support:
  2. If Blackbaud hosts your applications, then remove / delete the user from Hosting:
  3. Remove / Delete the user from Blackbaud software and products:
  4. If the user used a shared / common log-in and a user account cannot be removed then consider changing the password to maintain security:
  5. If any Blackbaud mobile products and apps were used by the user, review the following to ensure that access is removed:
    • If Blackbaud MobilePay is used, ensure that all mobile card readers are accounted for. Update passwords that user may have knowledge of as outlined in step 4.
    • If The Raiser's Edge mobile app or Event Management app is used, its security is based on Raiser's Edge log-ins. Updating users and passwords as outlined in steps 3 and 4 will restrict access. If further security updates are desired, you can change the system key for the apps.

    NOTE: Blackbaud Product Support cannot offer specific recommendations regarding processes, policies, and procedures when a user leaves your organization. The steps above should be included as part an overall exit/departure process to help maintain the security of your products and data. If you would like additional specific recommendations or evaluations of product security, Blackbaud Professional Services offers consulting services that can assist your organization.