To improve replication predictability and overall performance, the replication task that updates Luminate CRM Giving Summaries will move to weekly instead of daily updates to ensure predictable replications for all organizations. We know this is a change from the current daily replications and are working quickly to improve our replication process capacity so that we can increase replication frequency in the future. The following areas are impacted by this change:
  • Activity Summaries
  • Giving Summaries
  • Duplicate Detection
  • List Builder
  • Jasper Reports
During this time, you can view the date of your most recent replication within Salesforce, but be aware that all clients will have a different replication time/day. To understand how replications impact your Luminate CRM instance, please see Knowledgebase article 71233. To view your scheduled weekly replication, navigate to Analytics via your LCRM instance and locate Analytics Status on the Analytics Home page. The most recent replication is listed and will follow that schedule weekly. Should you have any questions please contact support.

Statement from the Product Manager:
"We are making changes to the replication schedule for Luminate CRM into the Luminate Analytics OLAP environment in order to restore confidence and predictability into customer replications.  In parallel to this change, we are diligently working on improving the replication process in order return to daily or faster replications in the future.  This work is already underway.  We know that this change has an impact to our customers, but we hope that this change will provide a level of consistency that our users can count on until we are able to fully resolve the issue holistically." - Tim Grailer, Product Manager Luminate CRM