This can be caused by not allowing cookies, however in the Teamraiser and Participant Center there is another cause.
  1. Edit the Participant Center by going to Fundraising then click on the Participant Centers tab.
  2. Edit the Participant Center
  3. Go to step 2: Configure Options
  4. Step 1 is the Home Page override: Participant Center Home Page:  Selects the page to display when participants access their Participant Center that is embedded in the page wrapper
  5. To correct the error, simply remove the URL and save.

The redirect is caused by putting the "Participant Center Home Page" URL in this spot.  That is telling the browser to go to the Participant Center Home Page, and then, go to the Participant Center Home Page again.  Causing a loop.

This could also be an issue when declaring an override to the home page within the Teamraiser settings:
  1. Edit the Team Raiser
  2. Select Step 3: Edit Event Options
  3. Under Related Actions at the bottom left menu select Edit Advanced Options
  4. Go to step E: Configure Participant Center Override Options This is the current page. This is an additional configuration option under the current step.
  5. Check the box in step 2: Yes, override the current Participant Center settings with the values defined below
  6. Step 3:. Home Page to Display for Participant Center Override in this TeamRaiser
  7. Make sure this is blank as well and not pointing to itself.
  8. To correct the error, simply remove the URL and save.