# to Expire is zero on Membership Renewal Report when running for a past date range

When running the Membership Renewal report for a past date range, such as last month, the number to expire shows as 0. This report no longer shows the # to expire but moves everyone over to Renewed, Upgraded, Downgraded, Dropped or Not renewed. 
  1. In the context of this report, "Expiring" means that the membership has an expiration date that exactly matches the date the report is being run on, not the date range from the report parameters.  For example, if you are running the report in the month of June, but for a date range of May, the number of expiring is going to show 0 because those people have now moved to the renewed column, or upgraded, downgraded, or dropped column.
  2. The report will show the renewal, upgrade, downgrade, etc in the month that it happens.  So if they expired in May, but renewed in June, the June report will show the 1 renewal number.
  3. Finally, the Not Renewed column will update retroactively.  So if the person expired in May, and you are running the report in June and the person has not renewed yet, they will be in the not renewed column for the May date range of the report.  When that person does renew, the May report not renwed column will drop by 1 membership.



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