Review the following to determine the best troubleshooting steps:
  1. Are you experiencing a specific error? Type the exact error in our Knowledgebase to locate error specific resolutions. For example, the message Error: Server not available is typically reported for local Raiser's Edge installs.
  2. Check Queue Problem Management for errors or pending transactions.
  3. Verify all Controls are enabled in Luminate Online. In Luminate Online go to Data Management > Luminate Management > Control Status. All controls listed here should say Yes in the Enabled column. If any are listed as Disabled, click the Enable in the Action column.
  4. Verify the Server Status at the bottom of the Queue Status page in Luminate Online says "Available". In Luminate Online go to Data Management > Luminate Management > Queue Status.
  5. Determine if data has stopped syncing or is just syncing slowly. Navigate to Raiser's Edge, RELO plugin, Options button and click Transaction logging. Users can determine the number of updates syncing here.
    • The number of updates available will appear as '100 records requested at [date and time] (X available). 'X' is the number of available updates.
  6. Test the Raiser's Edge connection to your Luminate database. In The Raiser's Edge, click on the RELO plugin. Click on the Options button. In the Constituent Merge Connection section, click on Test Connection. Note if an error message is returned.

If your Raiser's Edge database is hosted by Blackbaud and you encounter Web Services errors or the above does not resolve, Contact Support and reference this article and your answers to the above. If your Raiser's Edge is installed locally or a third-party hosts your data proceed with the steps below.
  1. Check your firewall settings and system requirements to ensure connectivity isn't being blocked.
  2. Stop and restart Web Services.
    • On the machine with Blackbaud Web Services installed go to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools and select Services.
    • Find Blackbaud Web Services in the list. Right click on Blackbaud Web Services and select Properties. Ensure the Startup Type is listed as Automatic so that it starts automatically in the future, if this is not already selected.
    • Check to make sure the Status column says "Started".
    • If the Status says "Started" already, right click on Blackbaud Web Services and choose to Restart.
    • If the Status does not say "Started", right click on Blackbaud Web Services and choose to Start.
  3. Check for Web Services errors within Raiser's Edge.
    • Log into Raiser's Edge as a supervisor user.
    • Click on Web Services in the navigation bar.
    • Click on Blackbaud Web Services.
    • Click on Luminate Online and click the Test connection link and note what message is returned (success or an error).
  4. If you suspect Blackbaud Web Services is installed in more than one location or was not successfully re-installed in a new location users must uninstall and deactivate Web Services and then re-install. This often occurs during a server move or migration an requires users deactivate and reinstall Blackbaud Web Services to resolve.
    • Note: Deactivating and re-installing will change the GUID, a global unique identifier used to connect your RE and LO. The GUID can be found in the RELO plugin. Click RELO, Options, About link and note the Web Service URL. You must contact Support with the updated GUID value to reconnect Web Services with your Luminate database.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, Contact Support and reference this article.