1. Follow the steps to Generate a Header File. The Header File will provide you with fields to use to create a new Microsoft Word document that includes merged data fields. Here are the data fields that can be merged into your member card letter.
  2. Create your Membership Card Template in Word. 
  3. After you add content and merge fields in your Word document, you will need to add a field to prompt Altru to move to the next membership. To add the <<Next Record>> field in Word, under Mailings, click Rules and select Next Record.  
  4. Use <<Next Record>> after the first and second block of membership information. The end of the page automatically signals Altru to go to the next record when performing a merge. 
  5. Save the template and upload it into the Letter Template Library.
  6. Once your letter template is uploaded, you can Add a new Print Membership Card Process or edit an existing process to use this template. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not use text boxes in conjunction with the <<Next Record>> merge field. Altru is not able to read <<Next Record>> properly when confined in a text box.