When administrators log in after the setting to restrict administrative logins based on IP address is enabled they will see this message.  
The reason for this change is to increase security to ensure that there is no unauthorized access to Luminate Online.  This will ensure that any access to the Luminate Online system is from an authorized user and prevent unauthorized access.
 Convio Login In
Once this page is displayed, the administrator should receive notification via the email address on their administrative record with a security code to complete their login.  Note: The session must still be active for the security code to work.  This means that if the code isn’t entered within 30 minutes of being sent, a new code will have to be sent.  Re-attempting login will send a new email.
Possible issues that may arise:
Issue: The administrator's user does not have a valid or current email.
Solution: Have another administrator add/change the email address on the administrator account to a valid one.  If the email address cannot be added because there is an existing user with the same email, try another email address that the administrator has access to, or if necessary the administrator can create a free address for their administrator account at gmail.com, live.com, yahoo.com or any other free email service.
Issue: Administrators are sharing a login. 
Solution: Make an administrative user for any administrators accessing the system.  This makes management of the access to the system easier, and allows for controlling permissions for those administrators.  See http://help.convio.net/site/PageServer?pagename=Admin_ConsManagement_AdminCreate
Issue: The email notification is not reaching the administrator for some reason.
Solution: Check the spam folders for possible rejection of the message. If there is not a message received in any location within a few minutes (up to 10), changing the administrator’s email address to another provider may allow for delivery.  
If administrators cannot receive the email notification or do not have access to any other site administrators that can help them with their administrative email address issues, please contact Luminate Support.