First check the following areas and settings:

In Website Features:

  1. Determine if the Do not add registration and additional fees to donations totals is checked or not
  2. Determine if the Do not add pending donations and pending sponsorships to donation totals on website is checked or not
In Bookkeeping > Manage Initiative Records: 
  1. Click the Donor Radio Button
  2. Click Show All
  3. Sort by Participant Credited 
  4. Add the total of the donations credited to the Participant
  5. Click the Participant Radio Button
  6. Search for the Participant
  7. Click Edit next to their name
  8. Go to Edit Registration Information to determine if there was an Additional Donation made at the time of Registration and how much the Registration Fee and Additional Fees may be
In Bookkeeping > Pending Donations:
  1. Search for the Participant
  2. Click Detail to view the Pending Donations credited to the Participant and total those donations
After taking the steps above total what should be showing on the Participant's page based on the settings above in Website Features. If the total does not match the Participant's website total at this point:

Chat with Support and reference this article. 

Include the Participant's name and Supporter ID and a link to the Participant's page. Also include the event name and what the total should be and what is showing on the Participant's page.