These steps will automatically associate an interest with any constituents that register for a TeamRaiser:
  1. Go to Fundraising > TeamRaiser > select Edit.
  2. Go to Registration Tab > Edit the Participation Type
  3. Scroll down to the Questions.
  4. Select Hidden Interest Update
  5. Add Question
  6. Select the Interest and Save Question
  7. Make sure that the question is selected to Update Constituent.

As an alternative, this next set of steps will update already registered participants who did not have the Hidden interest associated at the time of registration:
  1. Go to Data Management > Query
  2. Create a New Query
  3. For Group Type select TeamRaiser Participants
  4. Run the Query
  5. Perform the Mail Merge to download the email addresses.
  6. Use the Segmentation Upload in the Data Management > Import/Export to upload the participant to the correct interest.