So for this example someone has already uploaded a list of constituents to a new group, and now they want to add people who have made a donation to a certain campaign as well.  But they want it done automatically as more people continue to make donations.

To do this you would:
  1. Go to Data Management -> Query
  2. Create a New Query,  fill in name and the description field
  3. Select "Add Group Clause" to find your custom uploaded group and hit "Select"
  4. Select "Add an Interaction Clause" to add members who have made a donation
  5. Select the form you want to include
  6. Select the default "AND" object and change that to "OR"
  7. Save the query and select "Run"
  8. After it has run, in the upper right select "Use Query"
  9. Select the option to "Create a new group"
  10. Name the group and assign it a category.  Set the rebuild frequency, save the group, and hit rebuild.  The group should populate within a few minutes usually.