In most cases, the statistics you see in AWStats will be an aggregate of the primary domain and all of the subdomains that are hosted on the same Convio Instance.

For example, if your primary site's URL is:
- The Domain is "foo"
- The Subdomain is "www".

Typically the www subdomain will load the same site as just the domain so and are typically going to be the same site - this is how most Convio sites work.*

If within your Convio site you set up a micro site using the URL of:, then AWstats will include the statistics for:

If you need to have AWStats report on each subdomain individually, please contact your Account Manager to see if such a service is available and what the cost of setting that up would be.

* If you are uncertain of what type of set up your site uses, please check with your IT department / webmaster prior to contacting Convio Support