Before you begin the process of importing your list of constituents, be sure that the file you are uploading includes headers that match the corresponding fields in Luminate (Constituent ID, Primary Email, or Member ID etc). Be sure to include either the Constituent ID (preferable) or the primary email of each user. If you are uploading this file to add to an email group, include a column that lists the group ID you would like for the records to go into.
  1. Once you are logged in to Luminate online navigate to the Data Management  tab.
  2. Choose Import/Export from the list
  3. Choose the option for Create Custom Constituent Import
  4. On the first step you will name your import, and select the .csv file you would like to upload.
  5. On step two you will map the headers in your file, to the field names in luminate.
  6. One step 3 you will decide how you would like for your upload to effect records already in the luminate system.
  7. On step four you will finish the upload.
Your upload will take some time to complete, once it has, you will navigate to the Constituent 360 tab, and then to groups. Once you have located your group you may choose the refresh option in the Group Information tab to populate your group with the new members.