The required fields and their data selections are listed below:
  • Batch Import ID- In Journal Entry, open the batch to import into and select File, Properties to find the Import ID
  • Account number- This is the account number that you are importing into and can be found in Records, Accounts
  • Post date- The date that the transaction will post to the General Ledger. This is a user-defined field
  • Encumbrance Status- Regular or Encumbrance. If you do not have the Encumbrance Status column when importing, your organization may not be using Encumbrance accounting
  • Type- Debit or Credit
  • Amount- The amount of the transaction
  • Journal- In Configuration, Tables, Journals you will find all options for this field
  • Journal Reference- This is a user-defined text field that can be used to describe the purpose of the transaction
  • Project ID- This is the project used for transactions and can be found In Records, Project
  • Class- In Configuration, Tables, Class you will find all options for this field
  • Spendable/Non-Spendable- This is a Transaction code set up in Configuration, Transaction Codes. Locate the Transaction Code # and go to Configuration, Tables, Transaction Code # to see the options
For more information on how to import, refer to How to Import into The Financial Edge.