Section 5 of the following guide has great information on this subject: 

To add a new mapping data record: 
1) Go to Administration. 
2) Click Add New Mapping Data Record. 
3) Enter the data associated with the merchant account. Required fields include: 
-  Territory Abbreviation 
-  Division Abbreviation 
-  Merchant Acct Name 
4) If the merchant account is affiliated with a Local Corps or Area Command, enter the following 
- Local Corps
- City 
-  State 
-  Zip Code 
5) Click Save.
- A new database site will be inserted into the site hierarchy 
- A new revenue designation will be created 

OR Use the Custom Import

The Mapping Data import and batch process will have already been completed at go-live. However, new and 
updated mapping data can be bulk imported from a CSV (comma separated values) file. The batch import 
process will complete the following tasks: 
- If the Territory abbreviation, Division abbreviation, Local Corps name, and Zipcode match an existing 
active mapping record in the system, then the following values are updated from the CSV:

- State abbreviation 
- City 
- Merchant account name 
- If the mapping record is new (i.e. new Territory, or new Division, or new Local Corps) then the following 
tasks are completed: 
- Imported values are validated 
- A new site is created in the BBCRM Site hierarchy. The site name will match the Local Corps 
name provided in the CSV file. 
- A new revenue designation is created with the following naming convention: 
- <territory abbrev>-<division abbrev>-<local corps name> 
- A new mapping record is created and is activated 
Important Note: 
Imported records will throw exceptions if there is already an active mapping record with the same zip code, but 
the Territory, Division, and Local Corps values are different. You must deactivate the existing mapping record 
before importing a new record that essentially moves the zipcode to another Local Corps. 
Once the batch import is completed and all exceptions are fixed, the new data is automatically used for new 
donations submitted from the custom Salvation Army donation form.