When creating an email list in NetCommunity, no Raisers Edge queries are found

When creating a list in NetCommunity under Email > Lists, no queries are found when attempting to add a Constituent List.

This can occur in various other areas of the NetCommunity website, such as:

- Filtering directory part searches
- Defining query-based user roles

Regional settings for the NetCommunity and Raiser's Edge database servers need to be the same.  If you are hosted by Blackbaud, Contact Support and reference this article.  

If you host your Raiser's Edge database and Blackbaud hosts your NetCommunity database, or you host both databases:

On the server(s):
  1. Open the Regional Settings under Control Panel.
  2. On the Formats tab, verify the Format is correct and date and time formats are also correct.
  3. Under the Location tab, verify the Current location is correct.
  4. Under the Keyboards and Languages tab, click on Change keyboards... and verify these settings are correct.
  5. Under the Administrative tab, click on Copy settings. Click on both checkboxes under Copy your current settings to: for Welcome screen and system accounts and New user accounts.
  6. Click Ok.
  7. Verify Current language for non- Unicode programs is correct.
Note:  The location of these settings varies depending on the server operating system you are using.  If you have additional questions regarding these settings or need assistance locating these settings, Please contact the appropriate software vendor or IT professional for assistance with this process or issue, which is beyond Blackbaud's scope of support.


Steps to Duplicate

Steps to duplicate:
  1. Log into the NetCommunity website
  2. Click on Email > Lists
  3. Click to Create New List
  4. Select Constituent list, and click Next
  5. Click Search to bring up results for all available queries
Note that the message: "No records found matching your criteria" appears


 6.58.806 patch 3

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